Argentine justice acquits former president Macri of alleged illegal spying on ARA San Juan family members

File – Former Argentine President Mauricio Macri. – picture alliance / dpa

The Argentine Justice has acquitted former President Maruicio Macri of the case opened for allegedly spying on relatives of the victims of the submarine ‘ARA San Juan’.

Judges Leopoldo Bruglia, Pablo Bertuzzi and Mariano Llorens have signed the revocation of the process opened against Macri by Judge Martin Brava in December last year, according to the newspaper ‘Clarin’.

Bava concluded that the Argentine Intelligence during Macri’s government authorized the spying on the relatives of the submarine victims, for which he accused the former president of the crime of abuse of authority.

After learning of his acquittal, Macri launched a message on his social networks in which he celebrated that «the truth» has been imposed and pointed out that «Argentina is getting closer and closer to change forever».

Already in his day, the former president defended himself against the accusations and denounced being a victim of «political persecution», although the situation was «even more uncomfortable» for the Justice of the South American nation.

Macri was charged with six alleged criminal acts which, according to the judge, were not related to the president’s security but were «illegal intelligence» tasks aimed at controlling protests and influencing public opinion in the face of the demands of the relatives of the crew members of the ‘ARA San Juan’ asking for means to find their servicemen.

The last communication with the ‘ARA San Juan’ was during mid-November while it was sailing in the San Jorge Gulf towards Mar del Plata with 44 people on board, when the ship informed that it would make a dive to rest the crew after the effort of sailing on the surface in the middle of a storm.

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