Bulgarian socialists return president to office ahead of fifth elections in two years

Archive – Bulgarian President Rumen Radev. – Gehad Hamdy/dpa

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (PSB) on Tuesday returned the mandate to form a government to the country’s president, Rumen Radev, after becoming the third party to try to shape the Executive after the last elections.

The leader of the party, Cornelia Ninova, who had already lamented on Friday the impossibility of forming a government, explained that she had tried to give priority to the recovery, the budget, the judicial reform and the Schengen area in an attempt to rally support.

However, talks with the country’s other political forces have been unsuccessful and it will be the president who will now have to call elections again, the fifth since 2021, on a date to be agreed with the Central Electoral Commission.

Bulgaria’s Constitution does not set a deadline for dissolving Parliament, but over the past year and a half, Radev has tried to call elections within deadlines of about a week. However, the president himself has been against holding the elections in March, so it is possible that they will be held on April 2 at the earliest.

Ninova has condemned the fact that the Parliament has not offered her the necessary support to approve the budgets for this year, among other measures, according to reports in the daily ‘Dnevnik’.

«This is a general failure for the 48th National Assembly», she asserted before adding that, in her opinion, both the political forces in the country and the Presidency «are to blame for the political crisis» Bulgaria is going through.