Seoul bans export of material to prevent North Korea from developing its satellites

Kim Jong Un during a training missile launch in Pyongyang. – Uncredited/Kcna/Kns/Dpa

The South Korean government on Tuesday announced a ban on exports of dozens of materials used to build satellites in an effort to prevent North Korea from advancing its arms race.

Seoul, which has already warned that the North Korean country plans to put a satellite into orbit to allegedly conduct military reconnaissance, has created a list of 77 components used for this satellite system, which will be monitored to prevent export to North Korea through third countries.

Among the objects to be monitored are material used for the placement of solar panels and solar sensors, star trackers, image data handling units, X-band transmitters, and gyroscope drive and motion control units.

The South Korean Foreign Ministry has already shared this list with other governments in an effort to give urgency to the need to prevent North Korea from acquiring these components, which could be used for a possible future nuclear threat, Yonhap reports.

They have also implemented another series of sanctions against four individuals and six institutions accused of involvement in Pyongyang’s nuclear and weapons programs, ignoring international sanctions.