Bulgaria’s president says elections could be held in October but rules out speeding up the process

Archive – Bulgarian President Rumen Radev. – Marcus Brandt/dpa

The President of Bulgaria, Rumen Radev, has assured on Tuesday that in case the country has to hold early elections due to the impossibility to form a government, such an election would take place at the beginning of October.

The president, who has advocated not to accelerate the constitutional process, has pointed out that the ideal would be to call them for the beginning of October so that the new parliament «has legitimacy».

He confirmed this in declarations to the media after returning from a visit to Montenegro. Radev has indicated that he has no intention of pressuring the different parties to carry out the mandate to form a government after the resignation of the current Executive, which succumbed to a motion of censure in Parliament.

«It should be clear that the exhaustive process to form a government before the end of July leaves the Government and the Parliament without activity, and this means that many issues remain unresolved,» he warned.

In this sense, he warned that calling elections in September «also entails risks» and clarified that «excessively prolonging the process of forming a government can also lead to making decisions on management and personnel changes».

However, he did not specify when he will give the mandate to the second largest parliamentary group in the House to form a government, although he pointed out that it will be «in a matter of days».

In this sense, he explained that in the event that the new mandate does not bear fruit, he will call for consultations with all the parliamentary groups to sound out possible coalitions and support.

For Radev, the political crisis has worsened in the country and any party with ambitions to gain public support must make clear the solutions it offers. The Democratic Bulgaria party has expressed its willingness to receive a third mandate to form a government.

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