Prime Minister rules out a new question of confidence, a precursor to a possible dissolution of Parliament

Peru’s Prime Minister, Betssy Chávez – EL COMERCIO / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHOTO

The Peruvian Prime Minister, Betssy Chávez, has ruled out that the Executive is thinking of presenting a second question of confidence which, if rejected by the Congress of the Republic, would result in the dissolution of the Andean Parliament.

«I know that a rumor has been going around (about a second question of confidence) for some days and I believe that in unity we can overcome this rumor and work for all Peruvians», said the head of Government, according to the newspaper ‘La República’.

The Peruvian Executive presented last week a question of confidence that, after being rejected, led to the resignation of the then Prime Minister, Aníbal Torres. The President of the country, Pedro Castillo, then appointed Chávez as Head of Government.

The Peruvian Constitution stipulates that if the plenary of the Congress of the Republic rejects a question of confidence, a new Prime Minister could then be appointed. In the event that a second question of confidence is not given the ‘green light’, then Parliament could be dissolved.

The opposition has raised doubts as to whether Castillo could be trying to use this mechanism to dissolve the Chamber of the Republic and call new legislative elections in order to try to achieve a more comfortable majority in a Parliament which, since taking office, has led to the departure of dozens of ministers.

In fact, the level of political instability in Peru is such that, since July 2021, when Castillo was sworn in as president, the Andean nation has already had up to five prime ministers, some of them, such as Héctor Valer, have not even exceeded one week in office.

The now resigned Torres was precisely Castillo’s longest-serving prime minister, with just over nine months at the helm of the Peruvian Executive.