59 percent of Peruvians believe protests against President Boluarte justified

Riot police during protests against Dina Boluarte in Lima, Peru. – Hector Adolfo Quintanar Perez/ZU / DPA

According to an IEP poll for ‘La República’, 59 percent of the Peruvian population believes that the protests that have been shaking the country for weeks to demand the resignation of interim president Dina Boluarte are justified. Thirty-six percent believe they are not justified.

Furthermore, 59 percent of those consulted consider themselves identified with the protests, against 37 percent who maintain that they do not consider themselves identified. As for the demands, 75 percent support the demand for Boluarte’s resignation (25 percent against), 74 percent support the closing of Congress (25 percent against), 73 percent advocate holding general elections this year and 69 percent support calling a constituent assembly.

Regarding the demand for the release of former president Pedro Castillo, 43 percent support it compared to 50 percent who do not support it, and regarding the Lima Seizure, 27 percent say that it provokes solidarity; 26 percent, sorrow; 18 percent, hope; 16 percent, anger and 8 percent, fear.

Meanwhile, 56 percent believe that there have been excesses in the actions of the security forces and 53 percent consider that the protests are affecting the economy.

Regarding the president, 76 percent disapprove of Boluarte, while only 17 percent approve of her. Rejection of Boluarte is higher in the south. As for the prime minister, Alberto Otárola, 71 percent disapprove of his administration and 20 percent approve of him.

Regarding Congress, 89 percent reject his performance, compared to 7 percent who support it, an opinion that is even more prevalent in the south of the country.

As presidential alternatives, 58.8 percent of citizens do not know who to consider as a good candidate for the office and 17.3 percent believe that no one would be a good candidate.

Only 24 percent believe that there is someone who could be a good candidate: Hernando de Soto (3.6 percent), Rafael López Aliaga (3.3 percent), Keiko Fujimori (2.1 percent), Pedro Castillo (1.8 percent), Yonhy Lescano (1.7 percent), Verónika Mendoza (1.7 percent), Martín Vizcarra (1,5%), Antauro Humala (1.1%), Aníbal Torres (0.9%), Alfonso López Chau (0.8%), Francisco Sagasti (0.8%), Salvador del Solar (0.6%) and Daniel Urresti (0.5%).

The survey is based on interviews conducted between January 21 and 25 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.8 points.

Protests against the interim president, Dina Boluarte, began on December 7, in which some 60 people have already died, according to unofficial data, and protests, demonstrations and roadblocks continue. On Saturday the demonstrations were particularly intense in the capital, Lima.