Russia maintains that it can only achieve its goals in Ukraine by military means

Archive – Ukrainian soldier in Kherson – Edgar Gutierrez/SOPA Images via / DPA

The Russian authorities have stressed that, for the time being, they can only achieve their objectives in Ukraine by military means, thus justifying once again the »special military operation» on Ukrainian territory, a euphemism with which Moscow refers to the invasion.

»For us, the absolute priority remains and will always remain the achievement of the set goals. Now they can only be achieved by military means,» Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Monday, according to the Russian news agency TASS.

In fact, Peskov warned that Moscow does not consider that in Ukraine there are »prerequisites» for the transition to a »peaceful course», ruling out for the moment the creation of a contact group to move towards peace.

In its attempts to justify the invasion of Ukraine, Russia has pointed out that one of its main objectives is to achieve a complete »denazification» of the neighboring country, and already at the beginning of March the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that the war will be prolonged until this mission is achieved.