Ukraine: At least two killed and five wounded after new Russian bombardment of Dnipro

Archive – Archive image of the Ukrainian war. – Mykola Miakshykov / Zuma Press / ContactoPhoto

The governor of Dnipro, Serhi Lisak, has reported on Wednesday the death of two people, as well as five others wounded, after a new air offensive by Russian forces on the region.

Lisak has denounced that Russian »racists» launched an air strike on the town of Marhanets, killing two women aged 57 and 62. Earlier, four other women and a man were wounded,» he has detailed in Telegram.

Earlier in the day, Russian forces launched attacks on Kharkov, where a school was damaged. Konstantynovka and Olenivka, in the Donetsk region have also been targeted by these latest Moscow offensives, leaving in their wake seven more wounded and several residential buildings damaged.

Meanwhile, fighting continues in Bajmut, in Donetsk, one of the main theaters of this war, which has acquired in recent weeks a special symbolic charge for Russians and Ukrainians, in addition to the strategic one.

Ukrainian forces have reported repelling a new attack by Wagner Group mercenary squads. At least five have been killed and another fifteen wounded, according to the report provided by the Ukrainian State Border Service.

»Our fighters stopped attempts to advance by two enemy assault groups (…) After several hours of skirmishes, the ‘Wagnerians’ withdrew,»’ the text reads.

Russia, which has recently made significant gains by seizing the enclaves surrounding the locality, aims to take Bajmut, from where much of the supplies that Ukraine sends to its troops on the eastern front leave.