Draghi fails to obtain the support of his government partners and Italy is headed for new elections

El primer ministro de Italia, Mario Draghi – Roberto Monaldo/LaPresse via ZUM / DPA

Italy’s Senate on Wednesday approved a question of confidence in Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who had made the backing of the chamber a condition for continuing at the head of the Executive, although his government partners were absent from the meeting.

In this way, Italy is reliving a situation similar to the one that occurred last week, when Draghi carried a vital vote for his government, although his ally, the 5 Star Movement (M5E), did not attend the meeting. This prompted the Prime Minister to tender his resignation, which was, however, rejected by the country’s President, Sergio Mattarella.

Earlier on Wednesday, the head of government had expressed his willingness to remain in office as long as the disputes within the coalition government were resolved. «A firm and cohesive government is necessary,» said Draghi, who asked for the support of Parliament.

On this occasion, the confidence to the Prime Minister has gone ahead with 95 votes in favor and 39 against, although it is true that the result is in second place due to the absence in the hemicycle of the three main parties: League, Forza Italia and M5E, according to the AdnKronos agency.

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