Ex-officer arrested after barricading himself with gun for more than 24 hours in Thailand

Thai police in front of the house where the barricaded ex-officer was held. – POLICÍA DE TAILANDIA

Police in Thailand arrested an ex-officer Wednesday after he barricaded himself armed for more than 24 hours in a house in the city of Bangkok, local authorities said.

After a man shot in Sai Mai district and barricaded himself in a house on Tuesday, security forces rushed to surround the house, trying to negotiate with the ex-officer to turn himself in, as reported by ‘Ejan’ newspaper.

After more than 24 hours of barricading and after firing about 20 shots, the Thai police managed to wound the ex-cop, who was taken to a hospital for medical attention. The man was suffering from psychological problems, according to sources consulted by the aforementioned media.

Since 11:00 a.m. on March 14, 2023, reporters received reports of a maniacal shooting in Soi Jeramakorn, Sai Mai district, and authorities rushed to surround the house, causing great shock to villagers.