Iran criticizes «contradictory» U.S. policy for placing sanctions during nuclear deal talks

Iran’s Foreign Minister Hosein Amirabdolahian – -/Russian Foreign Ministry/dpa

The Iranian government on Tuesday criticized the «contradictory» policy of the United States in negotiations to try to revive the 2015 nuclear deal and denounced Washington’s maintenance of sanctions and «pressure» in the midst of the talks.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Naser Kanani recalled that Donald Trump’s administration «unilaterally» withdrew in 2018 from the nuclear deal and «caused great damage to the strategy of multilateral diplomacy to resolve disputes.»

«The current US administration, despite its statements and claims about a return to the agreement and compensation for the mistakes of the previous administration, unfortunately maintains in practice the same position, continuing sanctions and economic pressure,» he has argued.

Thus, he criticized the recent words of US President Joe Biden in an article published over the weekend in which he assured to work to guarantee stability in the Middle East and said that this can only be achieved if Washington «puts an end to the policy of stirring up differences between the countries of the region, stops delivering weapons, respects the sovereignty of the countries and abandons its unconditional support to the Zionist regime», in reference to Israel.

«In case these wrong policies are not corrected, the United States will be the main responsible for instability in the Middle East,» Kanani stressed in a message on the Iranian Foreign Ministry website.

On the other hand, he charged against Biden for praising the work of the United States against the jihadist group Islamic State and stressed that the United States killed in January 2020 in a bombing the then leader of the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards, Qasem Soleimani, «hero of the fight against Islamic State and ‘takfiri’ terrorism».

Talks for the return of the United States to the agreement and for Iran to return to respecting its commitments were reactivated on November 29 in Vienna. Iran has announced the withdrawal of its commitments on several of the deal’s points after the United States unilaterally pulled out of the pact in 2018, although Iranian officials have advocated that these steps can be reversed if the United States withdraws sanctions and returns to the agreement.

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