The Bolsonarista camp in front of the Brazilian Armed Forces barracks operated as a «mini-coup city».

Security forces in front of the seat of government, Palacio do Planalto, Brasilia, Brazil – José Cruz/Agencia Brazil/dpa

The executive secretary of Brazil’s Ministry of Justice, Ricardo Cappelli, said Friday that the pro-Bolsonar camp set up in front of the Armed Forces Headquarters functioned as a «mini-coup city.»

Cappelli, who has prepared a report to be submitted to the Brazilian Supreme Court Judge Alexandre de Moraes, said that 73 robberies and incidents were detected in the surroundings of the camp, which he called an «operational center against democracy».

«All acts of vandalism went through the organization, planning and support point inside the camp, which became an operational center of plans against Brazilian democracy,» he said, as reported by the newspaper ‘O Globo’.

Thus, he indicated that there were «operational failures» on the part of the police during the assault and that the former commander who led the operation, Colonel Fabio Augusto, «lost command capacity», although he disassociated his possible convenience with the acts of coup d’état.

«It is incredible how at a given moment they raise the first line of railings. And it falls. There is a coordinated movement (on the part of the demonstrators) and that calls a lot of attention,» he detailed, adding that the police containment line was formed by trainees.

In this way, he accused the former Minister of Justice and Public Security, Anderson Torres, who was arrested for the case, for having provoked instability in the Secretariat of Public Security, which culminated in the inaction of the security forces on the 8th.

«The instability he generated with dismissals and changes. Shortly after traveling, he receives an intelligence report and this report has no consequences. It is not just a bureaucratic issue,» he has indicated, according to the cited media.