O.Próx.- At least 42 arrested in police operation at Neve Yaakov synagogue shooter’s home

Israeli Police investigating shooting at Neve Yaakov synagogue – Oren Ziv/dpa

At least 42 people have been arrested in an operation by Israeli security forces in and around the home of the Palestinian shooter who left at least seven dead and a dozen wounded at an East Jerusalem synagogue last Friday.

Those arrested in this raid have been identified as 15 young people plus the parents of the shooter, identified as Jaire Alkam, who was shot dead by Israeli security forces shortly after perpetrating a drive-by shooting attack on worshippers on their way to pray at the Neve Yaakov synagogue, security sources told the ‘Jerusalem Post’.

The rest of the detainees are neighbors of the attacker, according to the police statement reported by the DPA agency.

Although the provisional balance of the attack is seven dead, the number could increase due to the seriousness of the wounded, since there are at least three in critical condition in two hospitals in the area: a 70-year-old woman, a young man in his 20s and a 30-year-old man. In addition, there are two people in moderate condition, a minor and a 60-year-old woman.

The attack on the synagogue came at the end of a day of enormous tension in the West Bank over the killing of nine Palestinians during an Israeli operation. A spokesman for the Islamist Hamas movement has described the shooting of Neve Yaakov as «a heroic act of revenge for the massacre» in the West Bank, according to the Israeli daily ‘Yedioth Aharonoth’.