AI to deploy staff to monitor human rights situation during protests in Peru

A Peruvian policeman during protests in Lima, Peru. – Hector Adolfo Quintanar Perez/ZU / DPA

The NGO Amnesty International announced Monday that it will deploy its staff to Peru to monitor the human rights situation in the context of the protests that have been shaking the country for weeks to demand the resignation of the interim president, Dina Boluarte, which have resulted in the deaths of around 60 people.

«Given the seriousness of the allegations of human rights violations we are receiving, we have deployed our specialized continental crisis response team, which is only deployed in situations of extreme gravity, when there are indications of possible crimes under international law,» said AI’s director for the Americas, Erika Guevara Rosas.

This team will be in charge of collecting testimonies and documents to «contribute to the efforts» of NGOs «in the identification of alleged criminal responsibilities of the authorities, including at the highest level,» according to an AI statement.

In this way, the NGO staff will investigate human rights violations, as well as possible crimes against international law in the context of the protests «in order to accompany the victims and demand that the Peruvian authorities guarantee their rights to justice, truth, reparation and non-repetition».

For her part, the executive director of AI in Peru, Marina Navarro, has asked Boluarte to «stop the violent repression» of the Peruvian security forces against the demonstrators «to find a way out of the crisis facing the country».

«Your government must focus all its efforts on listening to and genuinely addressing the demands of the population, especially those people historically discriminated against because of their ethnic and racial origin. It is urgent to make substantial and structural changes so that all people in Peru can enjoy their human rights and live with dignity,» he added.

On December 7, protests broke out against the interim president, Dina Boluarte, in which some 60 people have already died, according to unofficial data, and demonstrations and roadblocks continue. On Saturday the demonstrations were particularly intense in the capital, Lima.