Chile’s Foreign Minister denies »diplomatic tension» with Peru and Venezuela

Chile’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alberto Van Klaveren – MINISTERIO DE EXTERIORES DE CHILE

Chilean Foreign Minister Alberto Van Klaveren has described as a »humanitarian crisis» the situation at Chile’s border with Peru, where hundreds of migrants, mostly from Venezuela, have been asking to cross to reach their country on foot for several weeks.

»As Foreign Ministry, we have held conversations at the highest level, both with Peru and Venezuela. It is about seeking a concrete solution,» he said in a statement, where he also insisted that there are no »diplomatic tensions» with either of these states.

Van Klaveren informed that they are considering the creation of a humanitarian corridor, »either by air or land», as one of the possible solutions to the migratory crisis.

He has also highlighted the »good disposition» of the neighboring countries and has made a call to »take care of the diplomatic dialogue» and »not to make electoral or political use of these issues», stressing that »any solution depends on the will of all the countries involved».

In addition, the Foreign Minister confirmed that, at Venezuela’s request, consular officials are holding talks with Venezuelan nationals at the border to assess their situation.

The migratory situation between Peru and Chile has become tense in recent weeks, even affecting the political landscape, as both Lima and Santiago have summoned the respective ambassadors of the neighboring country to express their dissatisfaction with the situation.

In recent days there have been clashes between Peruvian demonstrators and Venezuelan migrants at the border, after the latter have made several attempts to enter Peruvian territory to continue on their way to Venezuela.