Israel denounces the launching of two missiles from Gaza after Biden’s visit

File – Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system launches missiles to intercept rockets fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel. – Mohammed Talatene/dpa

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) denounced Friday the launching of two missiles from the Gaza Strip that were headed towards the southern city of Ascalon.

The Israeli Army would have managed to intercept one of the projectiles with its anti-aircraft system ‘Iron Dome’, while the other would have hit an open area without causing damage, as reported in its Twitter account.

«Gaza terrorists just fired two rockets at Israeli civilians. One of the rockets was intercepted by the IDF air defense device,» the Israel Defense Forces have assured.

The health authorities have detailed in a first report that no people have been injured as a result of the alleged launching of the two missiles from the Gaza Strip, as reported by the newspaper ‘The Times of Israel’.

This launching took place hours after the visit to Israel of the President of the United States, Joe Biden, who left for Saudi Arabia in the afternoon.

The US president is touring the Middle East and, on his first visit to Israel and the West Bank since taking office, reiterated his «strong support» for a two-state solution to achieve peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

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