More than 150 killed by torrential rains and flooding in Pakistan

Flooding due to monsoon rains in Balochistan, Pakistan – STRINGER / XINHUA NEWS / CONTACTOPHOTO

The death toll from the monsoon rains that have been battering Pakistan since mid-June has surpassed the 150 mark, officials in the Asian country said Tuesday.

So far 157 people have been confirmed dead in incidents related to the rains, while the city of Karachi (south), the most populous in the country, links a second day with heavy floods that have caused that part of the population can not leave their homes.

The National Disaster Management Authority has detailed that among the fatalities there are about 50 children. The head of Pakistan’s meteorological services, Sardar Sarfraz, has advanced that the rains will continue from Thursday in Sindh.

«This may worsen the situation and flood more cities,» he said. Recent floods in Pakistan and India have raised concerns about the impact of climate change in one of the world’s most populous regions.

In this regard, Pakistan’s climate change minister, Sherry Rehman, stressed last week that the country faces an existential threat from global warming, resulting in heat waves, erratic rainfall and flooding.

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