Penny Mordaunt is favorite among Conservative activists to succeed Boris Johnson, poll finds

Acting Prime Minister Boris Johnson during his resignation speech. – Beresford Hodge/PA Wire/dpa

The UK Secretary of State for Trade, Penny Mordaunt, is the favorite to succeed Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, according to a poll of Conservative Party members. However, according to internal rules, it is the Tory MPs who will decide who will replace Johnson.

When asked who they would most like to see as the new leader of the party, the favorite choice was Ben Wallace, the Minister of Defense, but he has already announced that he will not compete to lead the Conservative Party and, therefore, be the new British Prime Minister.

The next choice is Secretary of State for Trade Penny Mordaunt, with 20 percent support, followed by Kemi Badenoch (19 percent), Rishi Sunak (12), Suella Braveman (10) and Liz Truss (10).

«The top two frontrunners are not even in the Cabinet,» explained the head of the Conservative Home portal, which publishes the poll, Paul Goodman.

However, according to the support count among Conservative MPs, the race would be led by Rishi Sunak, with 38 backers, while Mordaunt would have 22. Third place would go to Tom Tugendhat, who has the backing of 19 MPs, while he is followed by Truss (15), Nadhim Zahawi (14), Jeremy Hunt (13), Kemi Badenoch (13), Braveman (11), Sajid Javid (10), Priti Patel (9), Grant Shapps (8) and closes the list Rehman Chisthi, with zero support.

Javid, one of the most active candidates in recent days, has promised on Monday to reduce fuel taxes and approve aid of 5,000 million pounds (almost 5,900 million euros) to reduce energy bills.

In addition, the former health minister has promised to significantly reduce income tax in 2023 to 19 percent, a subsidy of 10 pence a liter for fuel and reduce social contributions.

«We need to do more to support families and tackle peak inflation,» Javid has noted in a program document. «There will be an emergency budget that will have minimal impact in the period 2024-25,» he has remonstrated.

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