Peru’s Public Prosecutor’s Office opens an investigation of the Minister of Defense for alleged misuse of an Army aircraft

Peru’s Attorney General, Patricia Benavides. – EL COMERCIO / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHOTO

Peru’s attorney general, Patricia Benavides, has opened an investigation into Defense Minister José Gavidia for embezzlement for alleged misuse of a Navy plane when he traveled in mid-March with his daughters to Huánuco, in central Peru.

Benavides has decided to open this preliminary investigation after some information published this past Sunday in a report of the program Punto Final of the Latina Televisión channel.

Between March 13 and 15, Minister Gavidia was scheduled to make an official trip to the region to attend the beginning of the school year. The list of passengers on the aircraft included the names of his two daughters, who do not hold public office or represent the government. Although the ceremony lasted only a few hours, Gavidia remained in the region for at least three days and two nights. The minister confirmed to the program Punto Final that his daughters were part of the entourage, since those dates coincided with the custody visitation regime.

«Like thousands of men and women who must take their children to their places of work, I made the request to take them in order to take care of them and safeguard their integrity», the Minister of Defense expressed shortly afterwards through his Twitter profile, who explained that the expenses were paid out of his own pocket.

«Finally, for the sake of transparency, I make myself available to any authority that requires more information on the subject. My roles as a father of a family and as an official in the service of the homeland are indescribable,» he emphasized.

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