Russia cuts gas deliveries to Italy by about a third, says Eni

Archive – Gazprom Gas Supply Assembly – ANDRE M. CHANG / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHOTO

Russian energy company Gazprom announced Monday a one-third reduction in gas deliveries to Italy, Italy’s Eni confirmed, hours after interrupting the flow of gas to Germany for ten days due to maintenance work on Nord Stream-1.

«Gazprom has announced that today it will deliver to Eni gas volumes of about 21 million cubic meters per day, when the average of the last days was about 32 million cubic meters per day,» Eni has specified in a brief statement on its website. Thus, it has emphasized that «it will give more information if there are new and significant changes in the flows».

The Italian government has on several occasions expressed its willingness to reduce its energy dependence on Russia since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, unleashed on February 24 by the invasion order given by Russian President Vladimir Putin. To this end, it has reached agreements with other suppliers such as Algeria, Azerbaijan and Qatar.

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