Russia opens criminal investigation against Russian opposition figure Ilya Yashin for spreading false information about FFAA

Archive – Russian opponent Ilya Yashin. – Hannah Wagner/dpa

Vadim Prokhorov, a lawyer for Ilya Yashin, who is a municipal deputy for the Krasnoselsky district of Moscow, has reported that a criminal investigation has been opened against this Russian oppositionist for spreading «deliberately false» information about the Russian Armed Forces.

At the moment, Yashin, one of the few politicians who has spoken out against the war in Ukraine, is under administrative arrest in a detention center, as reported by the Interfax news agency.

Another lawyer for the deputy, Mikhail Biryukov, explained on his official Facebook profile that as part of the criminal case, Yashin’s apartment has been searched, resulting in the seizure of an old Nokia phone.

According to the OVD-Info news portal, the reason for initiating the case was a live broadcast on the YouTube platform last April 7, in which the politician spoke about the massacres in Bucha, near Kiev. Yashin blamed Russian soldiers and cited a BBC video recorded in the city.

«It is important to show that no arrest will silence the anti-war voice. We will continue to tell the truth, despite all these rotten policemen,» explained on his official Facebook profile the oppositionist, who has publicly opposed the war and accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of triggering it.

At the end of May, a Moscow court fined Yashin 90,000 rubles. The Russian oppositionist was arrested for 15 days on charges of disobedience to a police officer because, according to the officers, he resisted arrest.

The Russian dissident was arrested at night in a park in Moscow, the Russian capital. Initial reports suggested that he had been taken to a police station in Jamovniki, but his legal team later confirmed that he was in Luzhniki.

According to Radio Svoboda, more than 70 criminal cases have been initiated in Russia under the article on forgeries about the Army. Russian authorities consider the statements about hostilities in Ukraine to contradict the official position of the Ministry of Defense and therefore to be false information.

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