Brazil’s Supreme Court asks to review the suspension of 11 deputies for their involvement in the assault

Supporters of Brazil’s former president Jair Bolsonaro storm headquarters of state powers to demand coup against Lula da Silva – CRISTIANO MARIZ/O GLOBO / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHO

The Brazilian Supreme Court (TSF) judge Alexandre de Moraes has given the Attorney General’s Office 24 hours to respond to the request for the suspension of eleven Brazilian deputies who allegedly participated in the assault on the headquarters of the three branches of government on January 8.

The inauguration of the eleven parliamentarians, the great majority belonging to the Liberal Party of the former president Jair Bolsonaro, is scheduled for next Wednesday, February 1, although a group of jurists requested its suspension to determine the criminal responsibility of the deputies during the assault, as reported by ‘O Globo’.

The request, presented in the framework of the investigation opened against the dismissed governor of the Federal District of Brasilia, Ibaneis Rocha, asks for the suspension of the swearing-in of the eleven parliamentarians, stressing the need for the police investigation not to be hindered.

The group of lawyers has also asked the Prosecutor’s Office to analyze the possibility of filing a complaint against the deputies before the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), for their «participation or support and dissemination of coup and terrorist acts».

Previously, the Brazilian Prosecutor’s Office requested the Federal Supreme Court (TSF) to investigate three pro-Bolsonar deputies for «inciting anti-democratic acts» after the assault on the headquarters of the three branches of government.

According to the request, the three deputies are suspected of «inciting acts of violence and vandalism» through «publications on social networks before and during the invasions», which could constitute the crime of «public incitement to crime».

Thousands of followers of former president Jair Bolsonaro stormed last January 8 the headquarters of the three branches of government in Brasilia, after two months camped in front of the Army headquarters demanding a coup d’état.

As a consequence of the «coupist» and «terrorist» acts, as defined by the authorities, the Supreme Court Judge Alexandre de Moraes dismissed the governor of Brasilia, Ibaneis Rocha, and the Secretary of Security, Anderson Torres, for «omission» of functions and «connivance» with the mob.