Austria.- Police activate an extensive operation in Vienna in the face of a possible Islamist attack

Archive – Police deployment in Vienna during a protest against COVID-19 pandemic measures. – Europa Press/Contacto/Guo Chen

Austrian security forces have activated an extensive surveillance operation in the capital, Vienna, after intelligence services detected indications that point to a possible Islamist-motivated attack, with churches as a potential target.

The Vienna Police, which has confirmed an »increased surveillance» in the city’s hotspots, has acknowledged on its social networks that »there is a non-specific threat about an assault on churches», without going into further details on the matter.

»If there is an imminent danger somewhere, we will issue a warning immediately,» the institution has explained. For now, the Police has pointed out that »it is not possible to foresee the duration of these measures», which have meant an increased deployment of agents in the main city of Austria.