New ADF attack leaves seven dead in eastern DRC

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At least seven people were killed Saturday in an alleged attack by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) in the North Kivu region of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

As reported by local authorities, 27 people have been killed in the last week in three separate attacks, as the rebels killed 17 people this Monday, while on Saturday night they killed three people, as picked up by Radio Okapi.

Sources consulted by the Actualité portal, pointed out that there are currently numerous clashes and that the inhabitants are trying to flee to protect themselves from possible reprisals.

The area, where Mai Mai rebels also operate, is a recurrent scene of violent actions. In the case of the ADF — a group accused by the United Nations of killing more than 1,200 civilians in 2021 by massacre — it is an Islamist organization of Ugandan origin which in 2019 swore allegiance to the terrorist organization Islamic State in Central Africa (ISCA), to which it is still linked to this day.