Sri Lanka’s main opposition demands immediate resignation of president and prime minister

File – Sri Lankan opposition leader, Sajith Premadasa – Pradeep Dambarage/ZUMA Wire/dpa – Archivo

Sri Lanka’s main opposition alliance, United People’s Power (Samagi Jana Balawegaya or SJB) has demanded the immediate resignation of the country’s president, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, as well as that of his prime minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe, and the beginning of a transition period in the light of the revolution that the country is going through this Saturday at the culmination of months of protests against the government for the devastating economic crisis that plagues the nation.

«All the people of the country demand that both Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the current Prime Minister, who has no mandate, resign and go home,» the alliance said in a statement carried by the news portal News Cutter.

The alliance has already advanced that it will not participate in the imminent emergency meeting called by the Prime Minister with the political leaders of the country, considering that Wickremesinghe, former rival of the President and forcibly elected to lead the country out of the crisis: «is acting illegally as Prime Minister».

The alliance has singled out the prime minister for «allowing the continuity» of the Rajapaksa clan — the president’s brother, accused of nepotism, was the predecessor of the current head of government — «while others were crushed against the wall».

The formation led by Sajith Premadasa, who this Saturday is hospitalized due to a flu, assures that «the end of the so-called arbitrary, repressive and anti-democratic government is already in sight and we do not want to participate in empty discussions».

«At a time when all the people of this country are united in the goal of rebuilding our homeland and at a time when the victory of that goal is visible, the futile negotiations called by the so-called prime minister will only guarantee the continuity of the Rajapaksa,» the statement adds.

«We do not want to discuss the future of the country with the guardians of the government headed by Gotabaya Rajapaksa, but we want it to be known that we will contribute to the reconstruction of this country by liberating it from anarchy together with all the parties that support the people’s struggle,» the note concludes.

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