The EU will allocate more than 60 million euros to Latvia to reinforce the border with Belarus.

Archive – Flag of Latvia (archive). – OMAR MARQUES / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHOTO

The European Commission will allocate a total of 63.5 million euros to Latvia for the Baltic nation to strengthen the protection of its land border with Belarus.

This financial assistance will be used to monitor the border with the neighboring country through modern surveillance systems, as reported by the Ministry of the Interior in Latvia.

Latvian authorities have also noted that, as part of the border strengthening, a physical barrier will be erected, in this case financed by the Latvian government.

Latvia shares with Belarus a land border of just over 170 kilometers with Belarus, a country that does not belong to the European Union and a close ally of Russia, which has been engaged in the invasion of Ukraine for almost five months now.

Latvia accuses Belarus and its president, Alexander Lukashenko, of transferring migrants from crisis regions to the border in an organized manner, thus bringing hundreds of people to the gates of the European Union territory.

Already last summer the border situation between the European bloc and Belarus escalated when thousands of people tried to illegally enter the territory of the European Union.

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