All eight members of a family, including three minors, shot dead in Makiivka, in the self-proclaimed republic of Donetsk

Devastation of walls and windows of a building by the shock wave from the impact of a Russian rocket during a bombardment of Kostiantynivka, a village in the Donbass region. – Celestino Arce Lavin / Zuma Press / ContactoPhoto

All members of a family of eight, including three minors, have lost their lives after being attacked by people armed with machine guns who fled in a car in the town of Makiivka in the self-proclaimed republic of Donetsk.

«A family of eight people has been killed, they were shot. Allegedly with automatic weapons. Three children were among the dead,» the local administration has asserted in a statement on Telegram picked up by Tass agency.

All the victims were shot in the head, including the children, who were aged one, seven and nine. The events took place on Monday in the city’s Red Guard neighborhood.

Local security forces are working at the scene of the incident, although they have not yet determined the motive for the shooting or the perpetrator.