British Supreme Court upholds London residents observed from a Tate Modern terrace

Archive – General view of the Tate Modern in London – RAY TANG / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHOTO

The UK High Court has ruled in favor of the owners of luxury apartments next to London’s Tate Modern who had challenged the museum’s opening of a viewing platform from which they could see inside their homes.

The terrace was opened in 2016 and from it, in addition to a panoramic view of London, neighboring homes can be seen. The courts initially dismissed the complaints of the neighbors, who were even recommended to cover the windows, but the Supreme Court has given them the reason, reports the BBC.

Judge George Leggatt has understood that the neighbors of the luxurious Neo Bankside are «like exhibits in a zoo» and has warned that this view cannot be considered «a necessary or ordinary incident» within what could be the normal operation of a museum.

The case will now return to the High Court, which will determine the remedy for the homeowners. They are asking the Tate Modern to close off part of the terrace or erect screens to obscure the view in certain areas.

A lawyer for the plaintiffs, Natasha Rees, said that her clients are «relieved» by the ruling, waiting for «a practical solution that protects all interests». The museum, for its part, has declined to comment on the Supreme Court ruling.