Trump lashes out again at DeSantis for closing «even the beaches» in Florida during pandemic

Archive – Former U.S. President Donald Trump – Brian Cahn/ZUMA Press Wire/dpa

Former U.S. President Donald Trump has charged on Wednesday against the governor of Florida, Republican Ron DeSantis, reminding him that, after the outbreak of the pandemic, «he quickly closed Florida and even its beaches.»

The former allies have been in a constant exchange of accusations for several days in which Trump accuses DeSantis of having managed the pandemic too restrictively, while the governor relies on the election results to reaffirm his leadership.

Now, Trump has again accused DeSantis of being a ‘RINO’ – Republican In Name Only – one of the appellatives to which the former president resorts to refer to those members of the Republican Party who do not meet the ideological standards he considers necessary.

«The real Ron is a globalist ‘RINO,’ who quickly shut down Florida and even its beaches. He loved vaccines and spent a lot of money on ‘Tests.’ How quickly people forget!» the former president criticized on his official Truth Social profile, his own social network.

The former president has redoubled his criticism of DeSantis since the polls have him as the main rival to beat in order to represent the Republican Party in the 2024 presidential elections. Trump has confirmed that he will run in the primaries, although the governor has not yet made a statement.

Despite DeSantis’ silence, Trump has not hesitated to recommend him to step aside and avoid measuring himself with him, since the possible candidacy of the Florida governor would be «a great act of disloyalty» and would also mean the end of his political life, according to The Hill.