Man who stormed Windsor Castle and threatened to kill Elizabeth II, guilty of treason

Archive – The British flag flies at Windsor Castle. – Jonathan Brady/PA Wire/dpa

A man who stormed armed on Christmas Day 2021 into Windsor Castle and threatened to kill the then Queen, Elizabeth II, has pleaded guilty to three charges, including treason, making it the first conviction for this crime in the UK since 1981.

«I am here to kill the Queen,» the assailant, Jaswant Singh Chail, told the policeman who intercepted him after entering the Royal Household premises armed with a crossbow. Elizabeth II was in these quarters, where she spent the worst moments of the COVID-19 pandemic in seclusion.

Chail, 21, has also admitted to the authorities that he made the threats and was in possession of the weapon. He appeared in court by videoconference, as he is currently in hospital, reports the BBC.

The accused broke through the perimeter of the castle using a rope and was spotted by an officer who, in a first contact, asked him if he could «help him». It was then that Chail proclaimed his attempt at regicide, which he repeated kneeling and with his hands on his head, without putting up any resistance.

Subsequent examinations showed that the crossbow was loaded and the safety had been removed.