Brazilian Supreme Court investigates bolsonarista congresswoman who chased a man with a gun in the middle of the street

Congresswoman Carla Zambelli, with a gun in the streets of Sao Paulo – CAPTURA

Brazil’s Supreme Court (STF) judge Gilmar Mendes opened an investigation Friday against pro-Bolsonaro congresswoman Carla Zambelli for using a firearm to chase a person in the middle of a Sao Paulo street a day before the second round of the Brazilian presidential election.

Judge Mendes has opened the investigation against the deputy for allegedly committing crimes of illegal possession of a weapon after the Brazilian Attorney General’s Office requested it last week, as reported by ‘O Globo’.

The case refers to the episode in which Zambelli pointed her gun at a man on a Sao Paulo street in October, on the eve of the elections. The deputy heard a group of people chanting the name of the now president Lula (da Silva) as she left a restaurant on Alameda Lorena street.

In theory, according to Supreme Court sources, despite having the right to carry a gun, the deputy could not have used the gun in a public space, since it endangered people. At that time, carrying it would have been illegal.

Until now, the STF had only been gathering evidence to mount the case, while it subpoenaed Zambelli, who claimed she had acted in self-defense, as detailed by CNN Brazil.

In December, in another decision by Gilmar Mendes, the parliamentarian had her gun suspended and was forced to surrender it.