Suella Braverman arrives in Rwanda to discuss her controversial immigration removal plan

British Home Secretary Suella Braverman arrives in Rwanda – Stefan Rousseau/Pa Wire/Dpa

British Home Secretary Suella Braverman began a two-day visit to Rwanda on Saturday to discuss with the authorities a controversial British government plan, now stalled, to expel migrants declared illegal in the African country.

Braverman has landed this Saturday in the capital, Kigali, on a trip that has been left without coverage of British media as prominent as the BBC or the newspaper ‘The Guardian’ for unspecified reasons, as denounced by the latter, which has asked for explanations to the British Government.

The European Court of Human Rights stopped the expulsion plan in the summer of last year, but the British Government has committed itself to insist with the procedure in the framework of a new migratory law that »will force the limits of International Law», as official sources close to the proceedings warned the British media.

The new law also provides that, until expulsion, migrants may be detained for up to 28 days without having to appear before a judge, while an annual quota – still to be determined – will be established to limit the reception of refugees in the United Kingdom.

The British government defends that the expulsions to Rwanda are accompanied by reintegration programs for migrants through a London aid plan to Kigali valued at some 135 million euros, according to the bilateral agreement in this regard signed between the two countries in April 2022.

Braverman was received on her arrival by the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Clementine Mukeka, and the high commissioner for the United Kingdom, Omar Daair, as reported by the Rwandan newspaper ‘The New Times’.