Ukraine says explosion destroyed several Russian missiles in Crimea; Russia denies it

Archive – Russian vehicles – Konstantin Mihalchevskiy / Sputnik

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry said Monday that an explosion destroyed several Russian missiles that were being transported on the Crimean peninsula, without specifying whether the explosion was due to an attack by Ukrainian forces.

Thus, they have confirmed that the explosion occurred in the city of Dzhankoy, in northern Crimea, and would have destroyed Russian Kalibr NK type missiles while they were being transported by train.

For his part, the Russian governor of Crimea, Sergei Aksenov, has stated that the city’s air defenses were activated on Monday night against a Russian drone attack, reporting only light damage to civilian buildings.

The governor’s aide, Oleg Kriuchkov, has denied via his Telegram channel that any explosion damaged military hardware: »Wet fantasies of clowns. The railroad and infrastructure have not been damaged. Trains are on schedule.»

»All drones have been directed against civilian targets. One has been shot down over the Dzhankoy technical school and has fallen between the academic building and the hostel. There are no military facilities nearby. The rest have been shot down over residential areas. In addition to explosives, each one contained shrapnel, they wanted to take revenge on the Crimeans for their choice,» Kriuchkov accused.

According to Russian authorities, one man was reportedly injured when debris fell on him from one of the affected buildings, but he is reportedly out of danger, TASS reports.