Ukraine – Foreign ministers of Austria and Czech Republic arrive in Kiev

The foreign ministers of Austria and the Czech Republic, Alexander Schellenberg and Jan Lipavski, respectively, arrived Wednesday in the Ukrainian capital Kiev for a visit to monitor the main effects of the war in the country.

The Ukrainian Border Guard confirmed their arrival, while the Austrian minister said he was «grateful» to finally return to Ukraine together with his «colleague» Lipavski.

«It is terrible to see the brutal and aggressive war waged by Russia against this beautiful country and its people. We will continue to stand by Ukraine,» he said, according to a message on his Twitter account.

Later, the two met with Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky, who expressed his gratitude to them for their «sincere attitude and solidarity» with the country in the context of the war.

«Thank you for your sincere attitude and solidarity with our people, your powerful defense support and humanitarian assistance. We are grateful that you are close to Ukraine in our struggle for freedom,» Zelensky said, Ukrinform news agency reported.

The Ukrainian head of state also thanked Vienna and Prague for their support for Ukraine to become a candidate for accession to the European Union. «This is a powerful support,» he noted.

«We have a lot of work ahead of us regarding the important things that the European society, the European Council and the European Commission advise us to do,» Zelenski has acknowledged regarding the requirements that the EU imposed for recognizing Ukraine as a part of the bloc.

In this regard, the president has shown his conviction that Ukraine will comply with the requirements of the EU-27. «I would very much like to see a new page in the life of Ukraine as a full member of the European Union,» he has said.

Finally, Zelenski valued the visit of Schellenberg and Lipavski, even more so in the context of the war that the Eastern European country is going through, and thanked both Central European nations for their arms and humanitarian support.

The visit of the Czech and Austrian foreign ministers comes a day after the Slovenian ambassador to Slovenia, Tomaz Mentsin, visited the city of Irpin, in the Kiev region.

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