Ukraine says arrival of Western weapons is already «changing the course of the war»

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov stressed on Monday that the supply of armaments by Western powers is already «changing the course of the war», despite the fact that they have only just begun to arrive.

«The quantitative advantages of this weaponry are on a par with the accuracy of Ukrainian missiles and artillery. Western weapons for the Armed Forces are already changing the course of the war. And we haven’t even started yet!» celebrated Danilov on his Twitter profile.

Thanks to the arrival of Western weapons so often demanded by Kiev, the Ukrainian Army has managed to destroy some ammunition depots in the territories occupied by Russian troops in the east of the country.

Danilov said that the main effects of the arrival of Western weapons have been «demoralization, demilitarization and disengagement» of the Russian forces, which have also been dealt major blows, with the destruction of command posts, equipment and ammunition depots.

In this regard, Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov stressed a few days ago that only the first four M142 HIMARS high mobility artillery rocket systems that Ukraine received from its partners «have inflicted more damage on the enemy than the classic 152 caliber weapons».

These missile systems «changed the rules of the game,» Reznikov said in an interview for ‘The Wall Street Journal’ in which he again stressed the «necessity» of continuing to receive this type of weaponry.

«The Ukrainian Army had to prove to its Western partners that it could use this type of weaponry. The destruction of Russian ships and command posts proved that the Armed Forces have passed the test,» he emphasized.

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