Guerrero teachers lift their encampment from Mexico’s Zocalo after eleven days of protest

Archive – Mexico’s Zócalo square – Gerardo Luna/NOTIMEX/dpa

Teachers of the State Coordinating Committee of Education Workers in Guerrero (CETEG) have lifted this Friday the encampment they had maintained since last November 22 in the Zócalo square in Mexico City.

The secretary general of the CETEG, Héctor Torres Solano, explained that «we are leaving, but not as a defeat, but to seek reorganization and return with more strength, with more courage», according to the Mexican newspaper ‘La Jornada’.

Hundreds of educators removed the tarpaulins and tents erected during the intervention of Torres, who thanked the support of the teachers, mainly from localities of the Montaña Alta of Guerrero.

«We will continue in the struggle for public education that responds to the needs of our people, and for decent working conditions,» he stressed.

Torres, accompanied by leaders of the National Coordinating Committee of Education Workers (CNTE), announced a National Representative Assembly of the dissident teachers «where we will evaluate the National Day of Struggle, and the axes of a new plan of action will be proposed».

The educators have warned that «now they do not listen to us, they apply the policy of deaf ears, but we will see ourselves in the elections of 2024, when they will again ask for the support of thousands of teachers, whom today they simply ignored us».