Latin American governments express concern over the political situation in Peru

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Different Latin American governments have expressed their concern on Wednesday about the serious political crisis in Peru after the Congress dismissed President Pedro Castillo, who has been detained at the Lima Prefecture headquarters.

«Argentina regrets and expresses its deep concern over the political crisis that the sister Republic of Peru is going through, and calls on all political and social actors to safeguard democratic institutions, the rule of law and constitutional order,» the Argentine Foreign Ministry said in a message on its Twitter profile.

In the same line, the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry has expressed itself, which has also made an appeal on the aforementioned social network to political actors to maintain «the rule of law and democracy».

For its part, the Brazilian government has issued a statement in which it assures that it follows «with concern» the situation in the country and in which it stresses that the measures adopted by Castillo are «incompatible with the constitutional framework», and therefore represent «a violation of the validity of democracy and the rule of law».

The Chilean Government has also reacted, which through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sentenced in a communiqué that it trusts that the crisis affecting «a brother country» can be solved «through democratic mechanisms».

The Mexican Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, has previously pronounced and announced that the Pacific Alliance summit is suspended. «Mexico regrets the latest events in Peru,» he said.