Texas reinforces its border between Ciudad Juarez and El Paso amidst controversy over migrant inflows

File – Migrants arrive at U.S.-Mexico border in Eagle Pass, Texas – Miguel Juarez Lugo/ZUMA Press Wi / DPA

The Texas government has reinforced security at the border between Ciudad Juarez and El Paso to prevent the entry of migrants amid controversy over U.S. immigration policy.

Texas National Guard troops have expanded the wire fence installed on the border line along the banks of the Rio Grande River, where hundreds of migrants try to enter the United States every day. In addition, the presence of armed agents and vehicles at the guard post has increased.

However, according to the media, migrants continue to arrive in the United States through this stretch, where the Border Patrol admits them for orderly entry and transfer to the country’s detention centers.

This situation occurs in the midst of the controversy over the passage of migrants from the United States pending the end of the public health rule, known as Title 42, a measure that the government has used as justification to allow the immediate expulsion of migrants since its implementation in March 2020 by former President Donald Trump.

For its part, the White House also accused this Sunday the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, of endangering the lives of migrants, after several chartered buses arrived at the door of the official residence of the US vice president, Kamala Harris, and that would have been sent allegedly by Abbot.

«Governor Abbott has abandoned children on the side of the road in freezing temperatures on Christmas Eve without coordinating with any federal or local authorities,» criticized a White House spokesman, Abdullah Hasan, as reported by CNN.