At least three dead in new shooting at a grocery store in Yakima, Washington State

A queue of cars in Yakima, Washington (USA). – PAUL CHRISTIAN GORDON / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHOTO

At least three people have died Tuesday after a new shooting at a grocery store near a gas station in Yakima, Washington State, after several incidents have left up to 19 dead in just 44 hours in the state of California.

According to Yakima Police Chief Matt Murray, the suspect is a 21-year-old resident who stopped at a gas station and tried to enter, unsuccessfully, after which he crossed the street and shot three people who were in a food store.

«There was no apparent conflict between the parties: the man simply walked in and started shooting,» detailed the Yakima Police chief, adding that the investigation to clarify what happened continues, as reported by CNN.

The suspect, identified as Jarid Haddock, fled after shooting at a car — possibly a gray or silver Chrysler 200 model — and stealing it. Police, in an attempt to ask for citizen collaboration, have published an image of the suspect recorded through a security camera.

The death of these three people comes in the context of the successive shootings that have been recorded in the state of California since Sunday, which have resulted in 19 deaths. The latest shootings have taken place in the coastal city of Half Moon Bay, leaving seven people dead.

In addition, eleven people were killed in a shooting on Sunday at the end of Chinese New Year celebrations at a dance hall in the city of Monterey Park, east of Los Angeles. In addition, one person died in another shooting in Oakland, California.


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