Ukraine death toll rises to eleven following latest Russian shelling

Archive image from the Ukrainian war. – Sergei Chuzavkov/SOPA Images via / DPA

Ukrainian authorities reported Thursday that as a result of air strikes launched by Russia throughout this day in several regions of the country eleven people have died and as many others have been wounded.

The spokesman of the Ukrainian Emergency Service, Oleksandr Jorunzhy, has detailed that the Russian bombs have fallen in eleven regions of the country, causing two major fires and damaging about thirty buildings.

«Eleven people were injured and, unfortunately, eleven others died», said Jorunzhy on Ukrainian public television, from where he wanted to reassure the population by informing that the emergency teams are already doing everything possible to reverse the consequences of the attacks.

«We have reinforced 88 power plants to supply electricity to essential facilities such as hospitals,» said Jorunzhy, who added that several residential buildings in Kiev have also been damaged as a result of Russian shelling, leaving one dead.

The Kherson and Zaporiyia regions also came under Russian bombs on Thursday, killing at least one and three people, respectively.