Bolsonaro sets March 29 for his return to Brazil

Jair Bolsonaro. – Niyi Fote/TheNEWS2 via ZUMA Pres / DPA

Brazil’s former president Jair Bolsonaro has once again set another date for his hypothetical return to Brazil, on this occasion on March 29, although he has made his return conditional on the »situation» that the country is experiencing at that time.

When there is one week left, we will study the situation, how Brazil is, how our contacts are here», he said during an event with Brazilian businessmen in Florida, attended by his wife, Michelle, who arrived in the United States on Tuesday, where he will stay for the next »four or five days».

He also commented on speculations that his party is preparing Michelle for an eventual candidacy for the 2026 presidential elections, and although he highlighted her political skills and good oratory, »she will not be a candidate for the Executive», although »she can run for other elected positions».

As far as he is concerned, he acknowledged that there is a »possibility» that the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) will disqualify him from running in the 2026 elections due to that meeting with several foreign ambassadors in which he tried to persuade them of the irregularities of the Brazilian electoral system.

Nor has the former Brazilian president forgotten those stalwarts who on January 8 broke into the headquarters of the three branches of government in Brasilia and criticized the fact that the authorities have charged them with crimes they did not commit. I believe that the objective is to bury the right wing that was barely born», he said.

Since Bolsonaro left for the United States last December 30, thus avoiding being present at the inauguration of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and handing him the presidential sash, the »situation» in Brazil does not seem to have ceased to be adverse to him, first with the attacks of his followers to the institutions and then with the scandal of the jewels given by Saudi Arabia.