Russia considers suspending double taxation agreements with countries that have adopted sanctions

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The Russian government has proposed on Wednesday to suspend double taxation avoidance agreements with countries that have adopted sanctions in retaliation for the military offensive launched on Ukraine almost a year ago, a category that would include Spain, which has had such an agreement since 2000.

The Russian Finance and Foreign Ministries have put this idea on the table and have forwarded it to the President, Vladimir Putin, who has a free hand to paralyze by decree these double taxation agreements. In fact, Russia has already taken such measures individually, for example with Latvia.

Moscow is now open to a massive veto against countries considered «hostile», a category which includes Western states that apply economic sanctions «unilaterally» and which, in the eyes of the Russian authorities, are in violation of the current treaties.

Therefore, it reserves the right to adopt »retaliatory measures», so that the agreements are paralyzed »until the violated rights are restored», the Interfax news agency reports.