Ukraine.- British activists condemn depleted uranium ammunition shipment and link it to several diseases

File – File image of a flag of the United Kingdom. – Jane Barlow/PA Wire/dpa

Activists from the British organization Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) have condemned Wednesday the shipment to Ukraine of depleted uranium ammunition, which they have linked to several types of cancer.

The organization has warned in a statement that the British government has »admitted» to be sending this type of armament for the Challenger 2 battle tanks and has pointed out that these materials »cause an environmental disaster and problems for the health of people living in places of conflict».

For this reason, they have rejected this decision and have warned that, in case of impact, these munitions can »release toxic or radioactive dust that can be subsequently inhaled».

This causes long-term »health problems», as denounced by the members of the organization, who pointed out that their use is related to a higher incidence rate of some types of cancer, such as breast cancer or lymphoma.

Other diseases related to depleted uranium include kidney failure, nervous system disorders, lung diseases and reproductive problems,» they pointed out.

The CND also recalled that »depleted uranium shells were used extensively by the United States and the United Kingdom in Iraq between 1991 and 2003, as well as in the Balkans during the 1990s».

Russia has repeatedly warned that NATO countries are »playing with fire» by supplying weapons to Ukraine and has stressed that foreign convoys with weapons are »legitimate targets» for its Army once they cross the border.

Earlier Wednesday, UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said that »there is no such thing as a nuclear escalation of the conflict» after making the decision to send this type of ammunition to Ukraine along with the Challenger 2.

In this way he has responded to the threats of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, who insists that this is an escalation of hostilities and that he will act accordingly. In addition, he has accused the West of »using weapons with nuclear components», something London has ruled out.

Cleverly has pointed out that this type of ammunition does not constitute »nuclear armament» and has claimed that it is »mere conventional ammunition». The only country in the world that is talking about nuclear issues right now is Russia,» he insisted.