Ukraine – At least 18 killed after Russian shelling of the Kherson region of Ukraine

Rubble of a building after Russian shelling in Kherson. – Europa Press/Contacto/Aziz Karimov

The Ukrainian authorities reported Wednesday that so far 18 fatalities have been confirmed after the latest shelling by Russian forces on the Kherson region.

Russian attacks on Kherson continue. They have hit peaceful people. So far we know of 18 dead and 46 wounded,» the head of the Ukrainian Presidency, Andri Yermak, has reported on his Telegram account.

For his part, the commissioner for Human Rights of the Ukrainian Parliament, Dimitro Lubinets, has stressed that the attacks have been launched against residential buildings and civil infrastructures. »These are crimes for which the aggressor must be punished! This is terrorism against the civilian population!», he denounced.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office had reported that twelve people had died in the center of the Kherson region as a result of »chaotic» and »massive» shelling by Russian forces, plus one in the town of Darivska, and three others between the towns of Stepanivka and Muzykivka while fixing the power line.

Russian forces have intensified their operations against the Kherson region, from which there is speculation that it could be the scene of the beginning of the much-announced Ukrainian counteroffensive. For the time being, the authorities in the region will impose a curfew starting this Friday, which will last through the weekend.