Mayor of Kiev denounces that 70% of the city «still without electricity» and with partial water supply

File – Material damage to a building in Ukraine’s capital Kiev after an attack by the Russian Army. – Anatolii Siryk / Zuma Press / ContactoPhoto

The mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko, said Thursday that 70 percent of the city «is still without electricity» because of the latest Russian shelling of energy infrastructure, although he stressed that the water supply has been restored in the western part of the Ukrainian capital.

«Seventy percent of the capital is still without electricity. Energy companies are making all possible efforts to recover it as soon as possible,» Klitschko has said through a message on Telegram. Thus, he has noted that the companies have explained that «it will depend on the restoration of balance in the energy system of Ukraine, of which Kiev is a part.»

He has also extolled that «Kyivvodokanal engineers and specialists worked all night to restore the capital’s life support» and added that «water supply has already been restored on the western bank of the city». «We plan to restore it on the eastern bank during the first half of the day,» he concluded.

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky denounced Russia’s attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure as crimes against humanity before the UN Security Council on Wednesday, saying that in conditions where the population is enduring sub-zero temperatures and tens of millions of people are left without electricity, such shelling amounts to the «Russian formula for terror.»

For his part, Russia’s representative to the UN, Vasili Nebenzia, defended before the organization that these attacks are a reaction to the supply of arms by Western countries to Kiev and to «reckless calls by Ukraine for a military victory over Russia» within the framework of the war, unleashed on February 24 by the invasion order given by Russian President Vladimir Putin.