U.S. Attorney’s Office gropes Mike Pence to testify in investigation against Trump over Capitol assault


U.S. Department of Justice prosecutors have let former Vice President Mike Pence’s close circle know that they will seek his deposition in the investigation they are preparing into former President Donald Trump’s possible responsibility for the assault on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6, 2021.

Pence’s team would have indicated that Trump’s former ‘number two’ would be willing to reach some kind of agreement with the Department of Justice, according to sources accessed by media outlets such as CNN.

The announcement comes just days after the Justice Department will appoint attorney Jack Smith as special prosecutor to oversee investigations related to Trump, not only those related to the riot and the assault on the Capitol, but also those that have to do with the classified documentation found during the search of his Mar-a-Lago mansion.

The recent book published by Pence entitled ‘So help me God’, in which he recounts some of the moments lived during those days in which Trump pressed to annul the results of the 2019 elections, has raised expectations within the Department of Justice that would be looking for more evidence to be able to indict the former head of the White House.

While Pence seems to leave the door open to an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office, with whom he does not intend to negotiate is with the special committee of the House of Representatives that conducts its own investigation of what happened on January 6, as he himself said a few days ago.