Venezuelan opposition urges not to «speculate» on dialogue resumption

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The Venezuelan opposition has avoided confirming the imminent resumption of the dialogue with the government of Nicolás Maduro and has called not to «speculate» until the country facilitating these talks, Norway, makes a statement.

After last week’s meeting in Paris of the leaders of the two delegations –Jorge Rodriguez for Chavismo and Gerardo Blyde for the opposition–, there have been several reports that have been advancing a new attempt of dialogue between the parties.

The President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, who has been getting closer to Maduro in recent months, announced on Wednesday on Twitter that the dialogue would be resumed «this November 25 and 26», without going into further details.

The cabinet led by opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who in January 2019 proclaimed himself ‘president in charge’ of Venezuela, has stated that «speculating or interpreting through sources or news agencies hinders the possibility of an agreement».

«The information on a possible agreement and restart of the negotiation will be made official by the official sources: the facilitating country, Norway; and by the democratic alternative, the Unitary Platform», he has said, alluding to the group that brings together the main opposition movements.

According to the opposition, the «dictatorship» of Maduro promotes «disinformation», so he has appealed to caution before reiterating what are the objectives of the hypothetical dialogue: «To achieve a free election that will allow us to recover freedom and solve the humanitarian crisis».

For its part, the Norwegian Government has clarified that «there is no new information» on this issue, although sources of its Foreign Ministry consulted by Europa Press have defended the importance of Chavistas and opponents sitting down again at the same table.

«Norway has long been helping the parties in Venezuela to find an inclusive solution to the conflict, for the benefit of the Venezuelan population,» said these sources.