Elon Musk to reinstate suspended Twitter accounts starting next week

Archive – Twitter owner, Elon Musk – Saquan Stimpson/ZUMA Wire/dpa

The owner of the Twitter platform, billionaire Elon Musk, confirmed Thursday that he will reinstate suspended accounts on the social network starting next week, provided they have not broken the law or committed ‘spam’.

«The people have spoken. The amnesty begins next week,» he said on Twitter after conducting a poll on the platform in which 72.4 percent of users — a total of 3,162,112 — voted in favor versus 27.6 percent who rejected the measure.

This decision comes five days after Twitter reinstated Donald Trump’s profile that had remained suspended since January 2021, following the assault on the White House, after Musk held another popular consultation in which ‘yes’ won.

In another of the billionaire’s moves, the platform halted the launch of the platform’s controversial payment verification service days after announcing it would be ready on November 29, claiming there was not a «high level of trust.»

The new payment model proposed by the billionaire has been stalled after countless users purchased verification to impersonate reputable entities, damaging the reputation of companies or public figures.