Peruvian Congress rejects government proposal to amend law limiting referendums

The President of the Peruvian Congress, José Williams – CONGRESO DE PERÚ

The president of the Peruvian Congress, José Williams, announced on Thursday afternoon the flat rejection by the board of directors of the Government’s proposal to modify the law limiting referendum calls.

«The Board of Directors has agreed by majority to reject outright the question of confidence raised by the President of the Council of Ministers because it deals with prohibited ways to raise a question of confidence, as established by the Constitutional Court,» said Williams in statements reported by RPP radio station.

The head of the Peruvian Parliament justified the decision by assuring that the proposal made by the country’s Prime Minister, Aníbal Torres, exceeds the constitutional and legal framework because it bypasses the Congress, which would represent «a serious alteration» to the State and the separation of powers.

Thus, the Peruvian Congress has refused to «limit» its powers in favor of holding more frequent referendums among the population to carry out initiatives proposed by the Government.

The Peruvian Prime Minister proposed to carry out a motion of confidence to Congress to approve a bill to replace the current law limiting the referendum.

The measure has been rejected by the opposition, which has even filed a constitutional complaint against President Pedro Castillo, the Prime Minister and the ministers of the entire Executive, alleging that they would have violated several articles of the Constitution by proposing such reform.