Russia says that a day participated in the war will count as two days of work for mobilized personnel

Archive – President of Russia Vladimir Putin – -/Kremlin/dpa

The Russian government announced Friday that every day that mobilized Russian workers participate in the invasion of Ukraine will count as two as seniority in the job they held before being drafted to participate in the war, unleashed on February 24 on the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

«From the point of view of seniority (on the job), citizens participating in the special military operation will see each day of participation in it count as two days of work,» Russian Labor Minister Anton Kotiakov said, as reported by the Russian news agency Interfax.

Thus, he defended that «this allows them to obtain greater seniority, which will have a corresponding impact on their pensions in the future», while recalling that the Russian authorities had previously announced other guarantees to preserve the labor rights of those mobilized to participate in the war in Ukraine.

The Russian Parliament approved at the end of September a set of measures aimed at preserving the jobs of those mobilized for the war, including the prohibition to terminate the employee’s contract during this period is ruled out, except in cases of dissolution of an enterprise or termination of activities by the employer, as well as in case of expiration of the period of the employee’s contract.

Furthermore, during the period of contract suspension due to mobilization, the employee retains his or her employment rights, while additional guarantees are included for family members such as not being sent on business trips or overtime, night or weekend working hours, with a preference for retaining their jobs in the event of downsizing.